About Biozenthi

Biozenthi produces vegan cosmetics with a focus on health, environment and a good skin treatment.

Our History

Biozenthi was founded on August 2010 in Brazil. The business was created from the vision of ​​a biologist who specialises in clinical cosmetology that wanted to produce the best skin cosmetics.

Biozenthi Cosmetics is the first Brazilian company to manufacture and identify on labels their gluten-free cosmetics and skin products since December 2011. To produce gluten free products is a difficult task, as Celliac disease carriers are highly allergic to the gluten protein, and can experience strong allergies when gluten touches the skin.

For Biozenthi it was a great challenge and at the same time an immense pleasure to be able to help people with Gluten allergies, who where unable to identify and trust brands to be gluten free.

Biozenthi is a popular Brazilian brand which has hypoallergenic cosmetic products. It's gluten free, vegan, and paraben free.

Our Values



BIO from Biology

Biologically focused.We were founded on the premise that cosmetics should be biologically focused. We use scientific biology to create our products.

  • Technology

  • THI from Technology

We use the latest research and technology to create our products.Technology is a core component at Biozenthi as we invest heavily in the latest technologies.

  • ZEN

  • ZEN from ZEN Balance

We belive in Zen balance, in ingredients and in life. We believe that balance in life and in cosmetics is paramount. We breathe and live a Zen life at Biozenthi.

  • Biozenthi

  • Natural Ingredients

We use natural and vegan ingredients. We carefully designed our formulas to provide the best nature can offer.

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