Vegan Made products only use Natural and Vegan ingredients. Our products are free from animal ingredients and by-products.

Vegan made Liquid Mate Lipstick

Biozenthi's matt liquid lipsticks were developed from polls and insights from a large number of women. We took their input and after two years of extensive research and development, we launched our vegan liquid lipsticks.

Our focus in developing this product range was to create products without heavy metals, as Biozenthi is all about health, well-being and sustainability.

To make our liquid lipstick safe, we use organic pigments that are free from toxic materials and heavy metals. Our polls indicated that women wanted a lipstick with good coverage, fast drying, without cracks or dry lips. To ensure smooth and hydrated lips, we add Vitamin E to keep you lips in the best shape. 

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8 Stunning Colours Available

#10 Nude #15 Seduction   #20 Red Balance   #30 Hazardous Red   #40 Divine Lady   #45 Elegant Pink  #50 Yes I Can   #55 Soft Lilac 

Moisturising Facial Sunscreen 35 UVA-PF 31.6 With Toning Base

Biozenthi Sunscreen have been developed with the best ingredients available. We have sunscreen with and without toner, in addition to a sunscreen specially developed for children. They are hypoallergenic, unscented, paraben free and gluten-free. Dermatologically tested and with innovative active components such as Tinosorb M and Tinosorb S, which guarantee greater sun protection as it is a new class of absorbers capable of both absorbing and reflecting UV light.

Biozenthi natural based sunscreens give excellent skin coverage, whilst providing dry touch without an oily feeling.

Gluten-free. Product not tested on animals.

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3 Different Toners Available

Beige nude for very light skin, light beige for intermediate skins and medium beige for brown skin to slightly mulatto. 

Vegan Moisturising Facial Primer

The Biozenthi Vegan Moisturising Facial Primer for the Italian Make line was inspired by the Tuscany region in Italy. We use grape tocopherols in its composition for a healthy skin. The primer provides excellent coverage and colour consistency, as it was specially developed to suit all skin tones and types.

  • Cover skin imperfections;
  • Leave the skin velvety;
  • Without much shine, it does not leave oily skin;
  • Do not crackle on the skin, leaving wrinkled appearance;
  • Stay for a long time on the skin without fading;
  • Provide a dry touch;
  • Do not cause allergies;
  • And, it does not contain gluten, it does not contain parabens.

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3 Base Tones Available 

Beige nude for very light skin, Light beige for intermediate skins and Medium beige for brown skin to slightly mulatto. 

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